The Raven

What is it?

The Raven has to be experienced to understand.
It is a fully Electric Mountain bike
Tough, Smooth and Powerful.
The Raven by Bzooma

The Raven by Bzooma

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Raven Features

Raven Features

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Raven's Features

Powerful Lithium Ion battery 36V 10Ah, Brushless hub 250w Motor,
Shimano Derailleur Outer 6 speed, Hydraulic Disk Brakes,
Alloy frame with adjustable front suspension

Raven PRO

The RavenPRO is the hard tail version of the Raven.
The RavenPRO is designed for the same tough terrain,
and able to conquer the hardest trails.
Raven PRO

The Raven PRO

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